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Electric Breakers


Electric Breaker : HM1801 1-1/8" : 28.6mm Hex Shank
Highest-in-class demolition efficiency.
- Warning lamp indicates trouble with cord.
- Cylindrical tool holder with high reparability; new bolt holes can be
drilled when the original bolt holes
are clogged with broken bolts.
- Flat surface for ownership engraving or ID number labels.
- Name plate placed in the position almost free from damages and scratch
- Carbon brush : CB-204


Electric Breaker : HM1810 1-1/8" : 28.6mm Hex Shank
Lowest-in-class vibration. Highest-in-class demolition
- AVT ; Counter weight mechanism helps to reduce vibration.
- Highly recommended to manage exposure of vibration to the body.
- All same advantages as HM1801.
- Carbon brush : CB204

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