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Petrol Blowers


Petrol Blower : BHX2500 24.5mL - 4Stroke
Take out the hard work out of clearing leaves and garden debris.
- Clean exhaust emission and low fuel consumption.
- Compact and light weight.
- Mechanical decompression system for easy recoil pulling.
- Slim body for comfortable handling.
- Displacement 25.4 mL
- Fuel tank 0.52L
- Max. air volume 8.91m^3/min
- The velocity of the wind (without blower pipes) 64.6 m/s
- Overall length 368mm (14")
- Net weight 4.4 kg.
* Net weight without fuel, with blower pipes
* Overall length without blower pipes
Standard Equipment:
- Pipe


Petrol Blower : RBL500 4806mL
For pro's landscape and maintenance work.
- Comfortable backpack frame for reduced operator fatigue.
- Easy-to-access recoil starter can be operated while operator is wearin
g backpack.
- Ignition system : Solid state ignition


Petrol Blower / Vacuum : RBLV250 24.5mL
Compact and light weight design for Controlled operation.
- With optional blower attachment, convertible into vacuum.
- Carburetor : Diaphragm-type, Ignition system : Electronic


Petrol Blower BBX7600 75.6mL - 4 stroke
Powerful yet easy-to handle back pack blower.
- 80 minutes continuous use.
- Compact and light weight.
- 4-stroke efficient engine, lowest emission.
- 76mL displacement, yet easy to start.
- Displacement 75.6 mL
- Fuel tank 1.9
- Max. air volumn 14.1m^3/min (498cu.ft/min)
- The velocity of the wind 87m/s
(without blower pipes)
- Dimensions (LxWxH) 350 x 430 x 495mm
*Overall length: without blower pipe
- Net weight 10.2 kg.
*Net weight: without fuel with blower pipe
Standard Equipment:
- Flexible pipe
- Pipes 2
- Blower nozzle
- Strap
- Clamps 2

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